Sunday, October 02, 2005

Protesting Ourselves

Back in the 60's there was a lot of protesting going on.

They protested the establishment. They protested the government. They protested the war. They protested the draft. They protested pollution. They protested bigotry. They protested hatred. Did I leave something out?

In those days, there was a lot of energy and a lot of spirit. There was a lot of dedication to important causes. Because of all the protests, a lot changed.

The other day, I was watching a special about Bob Dylan and the 60's and the protest scene.

I got wondering what happened.

A lot of people are still protesting today, but it seems as if not much has changed after all. We still have crazy wars. We still have bigotry and hatred. We now have global warming. And we're no longer protesting the establishment. We are the establishment.

So what's wrong? Is it because we don't have the same idealism? Is it because we are not active enough?

I got wondering what we could protest, what we need to change, to start solving these problems.

Then it hit me. (While I was watching the Dylan special).


We need to wake up the establishment!!! But, hey, that's us!!

HEY ---- US ---- WAKE UP!!!!

We are not fixing things because we are not truthful with ourselves. We are not fixing things because we don't look deeply at ourselves. We are not fixing things because we blame the other guy. That doesn't mean the other guy doesn't need some blaming -- just that we need to start by taking a close look at ourselves.

And we have to help our neighbor to do the same thing. We need to fix our blindspots.

We are the war. We are the prejudice. We are the global warming.

I am not letting the politicians, and Al Qaeda, and the extremists, and this group and that group off the hook.

I am just saying, the fix starts with us. Or it doesn't start. No amount of fixing the roof will solve a problem with the foundation.

Spread the word.


Blogger Phil Plasma said...

This is just how I have approached the peak oil situation - have to fix what I'm doing before I can complain with/argue about/correct what other people are doing. Of course, if it weren't for impending ATC school, I would also be protesting at the international conference hitting Mtl this early November.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Copernicus Now said...

have to fix what I'm doing before I can complain with/argue about/correct what other people are doing.

If you have the inclination, I would sure like to hear about what you feel you need to change about yourself first.

Are they things that could apply to the rest of us?

5:19 AM  
Blogger Phil Plasma said...

I couldn't speak from my high horse position unless I had experience riding it. Hence:

drive slower, verify tire pressure, coast where possible, if buying a new car focus on fuel efficiency

change water usage, use water sparingly in shaving, hand washing, tooth brushing, showering, dish washing, etc

waste - compost everything possible, buy things with least amount of packaging, try not to buy things at all unless there is a real need (see my post

activism - write letters to all levels of government, write to editorial depts of newspapers, post to blogs to promote your own propaganda

energy usage - improve insulation of home more and more each season, turn heat down at night and when no one is home

finally, with respect to changing me - I try to read as much as I can with respect to the issues and problems that you listed in your blog post. Good News for a Change by David Suzuki and Holly something is a good choice. It is by reading that we change who we are the most.

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6:08 AM  

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