Saturday, October 15, 2005

Why does Copernicus blog?

Why does Copernicus blog?

Most of us came by our thinking habits by default. We typically acquire our opinions rather casually. We can be quite slovenly in our thinking behavior. We can be lazy. But, even if we weren't lazy, we often don't have a lot of skill in using our brain.

I'm not saying we aren't smart. I'm not saying we can't put arguments together.

But most of us couldn't take a deep look at the world from the other guy's point of view. Most of us wouldn't. We are often quick to figure that the other guy is an idiot. We're dismissive.

It sounds like I am on the attack. It sounds like I am angry.

Well, maybe I am attacking. But I am attacking us. I am attacking because I think there is a solution to a problem that our egos mostly don't let us acknowledge.

The problem is, we mostly haven't worked very hard on our own thinking. On our attitudes. On our beliefs. We haven't really challenged ourselves. Not yet, anyway. Look in your heart. Do I speak the truth?

One reason we haven't done this is because we haven't had many examples to follow. We have not been an example to each other. We have not had the kind of environment where it would be easy to encourage one another to improve our thinking. We do not challenge each other to do better. We don't even challenge ourselves.

We haven't had enough examples. Many of us get an introduction to critical thinking skills in school. If we practice these skills at all, we do it very sporadically.

Critical thinking skills are not the only skills. But the important thing is the challenge.

We must challenge ourselves. I must challenge me. We must challenge each other.

If we don't, a hundred years of activism and good deeds won't be worth piss. Not enough of us will have the discipline to think clearly. We will still be acting on momentary whims a century from now. Without challenge, our children will not be better than us. Without this challenge, activism won't mean anything. We won't be able to change the world, because we won't have the discipline to change ourselves -- we are the world.

So, why does Copernicus blog?

Because through blogging -- if we take up the challenge -- if we challenge one another -- it can be easier than ever to show one another our thinking habits. It can be easier than ever for each of us to see examples of better thinking behavior. It can be easier to practice. It can be easier to help and encourage one another.

The blogosphere brings us an environment that was not so easily available before. Most of us didn't have access to wise mentors with oodles of time on their hands to guide us. Now, with the blogoshpere, there has never been a better opportunity to learn from each other's examples. It was never so easy to see what it takes to build self-discipline, as it is now, in the blog universe.

Take the challenge. Spread the word.


Blogger Mr K said...

I totally agree. I think one should always try and challenge ones assumptions. I do my best to try and keep an open mind on things, although of course that is not always possible.

6:08 AM  
Blogger Phil Plasma said...

I think I'll just dismiss you as an idiot and continue blogging, albeit less frequently. Oh, and I may try to improve my thinking while at it.

3:12 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

Dismiss Copernicus as an idiot? That's not very nice. I think the challenge is exactly what the Internet needs, if not the whole world.

10:11 PM  
Blogger Copernicus Now said...

Actually, Phil is a friend of mine, and was a coworker until Friday. We worked together for many years. In fact, we had desks next to each other for the last several years.

I am pretty sure he was just teasing me. (I hope.)

Phil is a random blogger. He is in the middle of a career change -- he's going to be an air traffic controller -- and has a long haul ahead of him with some reputedly tough studies.

I'm sure he'll do well, though. He is one of the most intelligent guys I know. :)

You can check out his site: Ceremonial Soup

Good luck in your new career Phil.

4:06 AM  

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