Thursday, December 15, 2005

Skull of Nicolas Copernicus Unearthed?

Seems they may have found the skull of my namesake.

Which reminds me that I haven't posted the least little thing about the original Copernicus.

What is it about Nicolas Copernicus that made me adopt his name for my blog persona? If truth be told, I am not really sure. It was partly whimsy, I suppose. I never really thought a great deal about Copernicus, but perhaps somewhere in the back of my mind, I held him in high esteem without being particularly conscious of it. It was only after adopting his name that I realized that I consider him something of a hero. I don't have many heros.

Copernicus -- the original Copernicus -- seems to symbolize many virtues. He was a smasher of the collective ego. He helped us look away from the us-centric view of the universe, and in doing so, brought us a new kind of freedom. He also helped usher in new habits of thinking. And paved the way for many greats to follow, like Galileo and Newton.

I think these virtues are what attracted me to using his name. They represented qualities that I wanted to see shine through my blog. His virtues are the adopted virtues of my persona. My interest was not so much the universe "out there", but the universe "in here". The final frontier.

I have found that the time I spent writing under the name of Copernicus has been good for me. Copernicus is my persona. He is not me. He is better than me. But somehow, trying to fit into his mask has been mostly beneficial to me. In using that name, I have mostly felt compelled to try to be a bit better human. I have cared more. I have thought and felt more.

I bear no illusions as to my goodness. As I said, I am not Copernicus. Copernicus is a persona founded on a legend. The real me is just another part-time asshole. Just like you. [Sorry, if I seem presumptuous in saying that. But I am hoping we know each other well enough not to get offended over small truths. Perhaps, by now, we might even revel in them.]

I am going to sign off for tongith, but if you happen on any especially interesting Copernicus sites, please let me know.


Blogger Phil Plasma said...

I don't know much about Copernicus, so I'll let you synthesize what is known about him and then read the summary.

Merry Christmas!

5:53 AM  

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