Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Going deeper

I intended my last post as a tongue-in-cheek piece, and I hope that is how it was taken. But there is a truth in it that it goes deeper than just the overt message about boys meeting girls (and vice versa).

We people are so blinded by beauty that we rely on the beautiful to tell us how to be attractive. But if you really want to learn about being attractive, ask a plain person with a track record. Attractiveness is inside us.

But even this is just an allegory. (Did I use that word correctly?)

The real message goes much deeper. It's about life. It's about the stupid way we look at things. It's about what we need to do differently. It's about knowing where to get our guidance in life. It's about knowing how to find our true strengths.

The message is simple.

If you are not naturally well endowed in some way--and this does not only apply to physical beauty--then you can still aspire to bring better things into your life. But there is no point looking to the naturally well endowed to be your guides. The best way to get help is to look to others like yourself to be your guide. The ones with a track record. They can help you find your strength within.

If I were going to learn how to play poker. I would not try to learn it from somebody who won because they were dealt a winning hand. I would look to somebody who gets mediocre hands, then continues to play and win. There is a better bet that they know what they are doing.

I remember a gentleman where I was working several years ago who made a huge profit playing the stock market. He ended up making several tens of thousands of dollars. Pretty soon, he was the toast of the water fountain. People were going to him for advice. And he was happy to offer his opinions. At least 3 of his colleagues decided he was the man, and invested based on his recommendations. They all lost. Now they don't go near the stock market. Just as well. A little while later, I found out that the winner guy had lost his investment, too. Apparently, he didn't cash out on time. Ah, well. C'est la guerre!

It's all the same thing. They went to a handsome man to tell them how attract girls. And, as usual, the handsome guy had all kinds of advice. But he didn't know squat.

They probably should have gone to a plain guy.

Not just any plain guy.

A plain guy with a track record for success.

Or a plain girl.

Spread the word.

[Note: I made a small change to the text above in order to avoid unintentionally saying something hurtful. The substance of my message has not been changed.]


Blogger Mr K said...

Thats actually an excellent point. Learning to distinguish between the lucky and the skillful is important, because even the most skillful can be beaten by the most lucky- although in the long run the skillful should succeed.

That's why I get irritated when some entrepeneurs say that education is pointless because they did badly, and have succeeded in the real road. As if every school drop out earns millions. This is a frustrating fallacy similar to the one "well my grandfather smoked til he was 90 so I'm sure I will be fine"

10:31 AM  
Blogger L>T said...

Being older, & working hard at being wise, not beautiful when I was young but, passable. Average Jane.

I wish I'd been more confident, & not thot that looks were so important.
There is a lot of truth to the saying; 'that you don't know what you've got until it's gone.'

Now that i am older & not so concerned, I make friends alot easier. I do fairly well using my people skills, being friendly & confident,etc...but then again I'm not looking for A date & worried about my sexual attraction.
I shudder to think about being thrust into that barracuda pool.

About the skillful & the luckey, in this context;
the skillful is the one who ends up with the good mate, because they are looking for something deeper then looks.
The lucky, would be the person who ends up w/a good mate in spite of themselves. (of course, then maybe the 'mate' would not be so lucky.

4:44 PM  

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