Saturday, February 18, 2006

Righteousness vs. Demagoguery

I just realized what a poor job I have been doing. Not so much the fact that I have hardly been posting. That's not a quality problem in itself. That's just laziness.

Rather, I got thinking about my stated goals. There is this mission that I claim to be on. I am supposed to be righteous and protest stuff. Mostly me. Or us. Once in awhile I protest you. I never protest "them". Protesting "them" is necessary, but it falls outside the scope of my mission.

And that's all well and good. But it dawned on me that something has been missing from my repetoire. I am a righteous asshole. At least some of the time. And that fits in well with my vision statement. I also have a bit of a sense of humor. (Although I am not always sure that other people get it.) But what is missing is demagoguery. That's right demagoguery.

It seems to me that by now I should have upbraided many a hypocrite for his (or her) demagoguery. But the fact is, I haven't even used the word 'demagoguery' once in any of my posts. Neither in the comments that I have left on other people's blogs.

The truths is. I am not even sure what it means. I looked the word up online, and found an HNN News Network article called "What Qualifies as Demagoguery". I tried to read it, but I ended up more confused after the first paragraph, so I just gave up.

It seems to me that I had no choice but to write a "Copernicus protests himself" post. The truth is, my skills as a voice of social revolution peaked around month 2 of this blog. After that I went into a decline. And now the truth is out. I claim to be righteous, but I don't even know the vocab.

Oh well. Copernicus sucks. Spread the word.


Blogger Phil Plasma said...

As a demagogue, I proclaim this blog now re-activated. Wake up, Copernicus!

12:19 PM  

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